Bake Glaze



The Safe & Hygienic Solution for Medium & Large Sized Bakeries

Improved shine

Before or after oven

Fruit & freezer stable

Zero allergens & GMO free

Low consumption

Appetizing Taste

Safe & long shelf life

Why Use An Egg Wash Alternative?

  • Egg is an allergen
  • Egg is a pasteurized product and the cold chain needs to be strictly adhered to
  • High consumption as some of the egg is sprayed onto the paper or trays instead of onto the baked products.
  • Egg washes applied using spray systems can easily produce a slight mist and cause dirt to accumulate on production plant and machinery, with ensuing time-consuming cleaning (risk of salmonella)
  • The constantly rising market price of eggs requires frequent recalculations
  • The increasing demand for eggs from free-range hens is driving up the price of eggs
  • Nozzle blockages
Available in either a 10KG Bag in Box or 1L bottle
$ 1.71 per Lb
For the best results, use Bakeglaze with
Boyens Spraying Machines.
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Bakeglaze Is The New & Improved Alternative To Using Traditional Egg Wash

Simply spray thinly onto pre-cooked pieces of dough or alternatively onto the products after they've come out the oven.

Once applied, the surface of the baked product browns a golden yellow color and has a wonderfully fresh shine just like you would get with an egg wash - except better!

Bakeglaze produces a consistent even browning and there's no unattractive dark droplets or lines, as is often the case with egg fluid.

It can be used hand-in-hand perfectly with one of our Spruhboy spray units.

For Small & In-Store Bakeries, Try Sprayglaze

No machinery required, 100% safe, natural, and in an easy to use spray can!

Just spray onto the product after it comes out the oven.

No need to heat, brush, spill, drip, or do anything that can ruin the pastry’s beautiful appearance.

Make your products look better and increase shelf life!

$5.90 per can