Boyens Jelly Will Finish Your Cakes Perfectly.

Our jelly range comes ready mixed, or you can also purchase it as a powder and mix it yourself. It comes in three distinct flavors:

  • Neutral
  • Apricot
  • Red berry

As we all know, when preparing a decorated cake, it's necessary to protect the fruits to keep them fresh. From the moment the fruits are exposed to open air, they'll start to look dry & old if there’s no protection.

A thin layer of jelly glaze on top of the decoration will stop this process and extend the freshness and great appearance of the pastry. And it'll also create a fantastic gloss & shine to help you sell more products!


Why Use Boyens Jellies for
Fruits and Pastries

High Quality

Ready to Use

Fruit-Acid Stable

Long-lasting Gloss

Sets Firm Fast

Appetizing Taste

Extends Shelf-Life

Available in convenient 5KG and 12KG Bag in Box packaging with
3 different flavors to choose from.
$ From 1.92 per Lb