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Boyens International have developed premium and efficient pan release oils for perforated trays and all other tray types.


Available as RELEASE WAX, RELEASE WAX 100, and RELEASE WAX 200, these releasing agents are expertly ingrained with vegetable oils and sunflower lecithin that has no residue and a neutral taste.

$ 3.31 Lb*

Considered a specialized releasing agent, it uses vegetable oils as its main ingredients combined with carnauba wax as thickening agent and sunflower lecithin as emulsifier. It offers excellent adhesion to the side walls of trays & performs very economically.

$ 3.01 Lb*
TR Oel 100

TR Oel 100 is a specialized releasing agent for the greasing of all mold canisters and perforated trays. With sunflower lecithin as it's emulsifier and carnauba wax as thickening agent, the Trennwachs Releasing Oil is considered 100% natural, making it completely residue-free and waste-free.

$ 3.03 Lb*

Only Nature's Finest For The Very Best Bakeries

Boyens International is a certified provider of organically produced releasing agents that are 100% natural and safe to use.

BIO special

The releasing agent which has the most ideal adhesive properties, it leaves no residue and is taste neutral. With carnauba wax as the thickening agent, BIO Special is efficient to use for spraying and greasing mold containers and trays.

$ 5.38 Lb
BIO liquid

This resin-free releasing agent is made from an organic cultivation best utilized for dampening surfaces. Specially formulated to extend product shelf life. It is normally used for perforated trays, as well as mold containers.

$ 5.25 Lb
BIO super cut

Also resin-free, this organic releasing agent assures that all metal parts are suitably lubricated for the optimal performance of dough dividers and conical rounders. BIO Super Cut Premium works best for dough machines, slicers, and bread-cutters.

$ 4.47 Lb
Cutting & DIVIDER oilS

Resin-free & All Vegetable
Cutting Oils

Schneide Oil PREMIUM

This cutting oil is made from vegetable oils perfect to use on bread slicers, dough cutters, and conical rounding machines.

$ 2.98 Lb*
Schneide Oil SV PREMIUM

Mixed with vegetable oil, lecithin, aroma, and natural antioxidants, together with extracts of significant tocopherol content, Schneide Oil SV Premium prevents the growth of molds and fungus on sliced bread.

$ 5.83 Lb*