August 10, 2020

5 Reasons Why Bakeries Are Now Moving Away From Eggs During The Pandemic

In the bread and pastry world, it’s common for bakeries to use egg fluid to get that dark glow & shiny appearance that many baked products have. This is the way it’s been for many years, so why change?

Here are 5 reasons why I believe eggs are a thing of the past, and why bakeries are switching to much improved alternatives.

Cost Savings

The volume of egg fluid required upon application is generally a much higher volume than what’s needed when using a glazing product such as Boyens Backglaze.

The Backglaze product can be diluted with water by up to 30%, making it even more economical. Additionally, the dilution process allows the baker to better control the shine and shading of browning on their products easier.

Eggs are victim to constant price fluctuations, proven recently in with the Coronavirus pandemic, making it hard to manage cashflow and it’s also difficult to keep the product prices consistent for end consumers.


Eggs can often drip and stick to the pan or baking sheet, causing drip marks and burned residue on the product. Bakeglaze helps alleviate this issue and gives you a better and more consistent looking range.

When using the Backglaze, only an extremely thin layer needs be applied to the product. The surface of the baked products becomes a golden dark yellowish colour and has a fantastic fresh shine, similiar to an egg wash.

Health & Vegan

The current trend is that consumers are more into making moral and ethical decisions on what they eat. The United Kingdom’s largest bakery Greggs recently reported a 27% increase in its annual profits, in the same year they launched their highly successful vegan range.

For many people, eggs are an allergen and they pose certain health risks such as Salmonella and other hygiene issues. Egg is a pasteurised product and the cold chain needs to be strictly adhered to. Another disadvantage is they can often cause nozzle blockages in machinery.

Eliminating eggs from the production process means low-risk-products for consumers, and less enforcement on bakeries coming from different food standard agencies.


Baking trays and machinery are much easier to clean when using Bakeglaze. This saves labour time, extends pan life and saves water & other resources. Eggs are messy. It’s uncomfortable and unpleasant for employees to be working with them as they stick to all surfaces and machinery.

Shelf Life

Bakeglaze has a much longer shelf life than eggs (9 months), meaning easier stock control.

Boyens Bakeglaze can be stored at room temperature (unopened) and when opened, simply placed inside the refrigerator for up to 7 days.

A key advantage is that Bakeglaze can be applied after the baking process as well as before, giving the bakery multiple options in the production process.

To try out a free sample of the Boyens Bakeglaze eggwash replacement, please contact us by emailing and we'll dispatch one to you as soon as possible.